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words that start with at

Welcome to our American English info, the place we’ll uncover phrases that start with “AT” and their significance in growing your vocabulary. American English is a dynamic language that frequently evolves, and by finding out new phrases, you might efficiently speak your concepts and ideas. On this text, we’ll current an overview of phrases that start with “AT,” discuss the advantages of accelerating your vocabulary, and provide suggestions on incorporate them into your every day life. Let’s dive in and uncover the power of phrases that start with “AT”!

An Overview of Phrases That Begin With AT

Studying new phrases is probably going one of many solely strategies to boost your communication talents and writing abilities. On this half, we’ll uncover a diffusion of phrases that start with “AT” and their meanings, which you’ll want to use to develop your vocabulary in American English.

Abate: To grow to be a lot much less intense or widespread.

Abattoir: A spot the place animals are slaughtered for meals.

Abdicate: To give up a spot of power or obligation.

Aberration: A departure from what’s common or anticipated.

Abhor: To actually really feel disgust or hatred in route of 1 factor or any person.

Abide: To merely settle for or act in accordance with a rule or willpower.

Abject: Extraordinarily harmful, unpleasant, and degrading.

Abjure: To publicly give up or give up a notion or declare.

Ablaze: Burning fiercely.

Abscond: To depart hurriedly and secretly, generally to avoid detection.

Abstemious: Not self-indulgent or excessive.

An Overview of Adjectives Beginning with AT

Adjectives are used to elucidate nouns or pronouns. Listed under are some examples of adjectives that start with “AT” and their meanings:

  • Engaging: Pleasing or attention-grabbing to the senses.
  • Atypical: Not marketing consultant of a particular variety or group.
  • Atmospheric: Creating an emotional or distinctive surroundings.
  • Attentive: Paying shut consideration to 1 factor or any person.
  • Atrocious: Shockingly harmful or unpleasant.

An Overview of Verbs Beginning with AT

Verbs are movement phrases that describe what a subject is doing or feeling. Listed under are some examples of verbs that start with “AT” and their meanings:

  • Assault: To behave violently in the direction of any person or one factor.
  • Connect: To lock or be part of one issue to a distinct.
  • Try: To make an effort to achieve or full one factor.
  • Attend: To be present at an event or gathering.
  • Entice: To entice one factor in route of oneself.
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Increasing your vocabulary with phrases that start with “AT” will not solely improve your communication talents however moreover make you a better writer and reader. Through using these phrases in your every day conversations and writing, you might enhance your language talents and alter right into a extra sensible communicator.

Benefits of Increasing Your Vocabulary with Phrases That Begin With AT

Increasing your vocabulary can have fairly a couple of benefits, significantly within the case of American English. Studying phrases that start with “AT” might provide help to speak further efficiently and confidently. Listed under are some advantages of incorporating new “AT” phrases into your vocabulary.

1. Improved Communication Expertise

The further phrases you understand, the upper you might categorical your self. Incorporating “AT” phrases into your every day conversations might provide help to speak your concepts and ideas further precisely and exactly. It might presumably moreover allow you to understand what others are saying with higher readability.

For instance, using phrases harking back to “attain” or “attest” in a dialog might provide help to convey a particular which signifies that will not be potential with further frequent phrases.

2. Enhanced Writing Skills

A wider vocabulary might allow you to alter right into a better writer. Utilizing “AT” phrases in your writing may make your work further attention-grabbing and engaging, along with further expert.

For occasion, within the occasion you are writing a report on a topic related to finance, using “attainability” or “attendance” may make your writing further precise and environment friendly.

3. Boosted Confidence

Confidence is important in any state of affairs, and an expanded vocabulary might provide help to assemble it. Utilizing new phrases precisely and efficiently can present you a manner of accomplishment and satisfaction, which could translate into higher confidence in numerous areas of your life.

Moreover, having a much bigger vocabulary might assist you’re feeling further cozy in social circumstances, as you must have further selections to specific your self and interact with others.

In conclusion, incorporating new “AT” phrases into your vocabulary can present fairly a couple of advantages, from enhancing your communication talents to boosting your confidence.

Ideas for Incorporating Phrases That Begin with AT into Your Every day Life

Studying new phrases shall be an thrilling experience, nonetheless incorporating them into your every day life shall be troublesome. Comply with these smart tips to make growing your vocabulary with phrases that start with “AT” a pure part of your every day routine:

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1. Learn Broadly

Among one of the best strategies to be taught new phrases is to study extensively. Whether or not you want novels, newspapers, or on-line articles, guarantee to study quite a lot of provides.

  • Problem your self to study not lower than one article daily that choices phrases that start with “AT.”
  • Use a dictionary to lookup unfamiliar phrases and make a remark of them.
  • Attempt to make use of these new phrases in your conversations and writing to make them stick.

2. Play Phrase Video video games

Phrase video video games are a gratifying answer to be taught new phrases and improve your vocabulary. Listed under are some video video games you might attempt:

  • Crossword puzzles: Many newspapers and on-line publications present every day crossword puzzles that attribute phrases that start with “AT.”
  • Scrabble: This conventional board recreation challenges players to create phrases from letter tiles, along with those that start with “AT.”
  • Phrase searches: These puzzles require you to look out explicit phrases hidden in a grid of letters, along with phrases that start with “AT.”

3. Follow in Dialog

Talking with others is an efficient technique to observe using new phrases and enhancing your communication talents. Listed under are some solutions for incorporating phrases that start with “AT” into your regularly conversations:

  • Make a acutely conscious effort to utilize not lower than one new phrase daily in your conversations.
  • Hearken to others and try to make use of “AT” phrases that they’ve utilized in your responses.
  • Use “AT” phrases when describing people, areas, or points.

4. Maintain a Vocabulary Pocket e-book

Preserving a vocabulary pocket e-book is an environment friendly answer to keep up observe of the model new phrases you be taught and just be sure you keep in mind them. This is create one:

  • Write down each new phrase that you simply simply come all through in your finding out or conversations.
  • Embrace the phrase’s definition and an occasion sentence that can provide help to understand and keep in mind use it.
  • Evaluation your pocket e-book generally to refresh your memory and reinforce your finding out.
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By incorporating the following advice into your every day routine, you might develop your vocabulary with phrases that start with “AT” and improve your communication talents in American English.

An American English Information: Exploring Phrases That Begin With AT

Increasing your vocabulary is an important facet of mastering American English. A way to do this is to find phrases that start with “AT.” On this text, we now have delved into quite a lot of phrases that begin with “AT” that can provide help to enhance your communication and writing talents. Here’s a summary of the vital factor components lined:

A Overview of Phrases That Begin With AT

Phrases that start with “AT” are available quite a few varieties, along with nouns, adjectives, and verbs. By finding out these phrases and their utilization, you might improve your comprehension of the language and categorical your self in a further articulate technique. Under are some examples:

  • Environment
  • Angle
  • Attachment
  • Engaging
  • Attend
  • Assault
  • Attribution

Benefits of Increasing Your Vocabulary with Phrases That Begin With AT

By growing your vocabulary with phrases that start with “AT,” you might improve your communication talents, improve your writing abilities, and obtain confidence in expressing your self in American English. Listed under are some benefits of an expanded vocabulary:

  • Enhanced potential to articulate concepts and ideas
  • Improved comprehension of American English
  • Elevated confidence in speaking and writing

Ideas for Incorporating Phrases That Begin With AT into Your Every day Life

To benefit from your newly acquired vocabulary, listed under are some smart solutions for incorporating phrases that start with “AT” into your every day conversations, writing, and finding out:

  • Learn extensively and take note of unfamiliar phrases
  • Follow using new phrases in conversations and writing
  • Use on-line sources to develop your vocabulary
  • Hearken to American English podcasts or watch TV reveals to boost your comprehension


In conclusion, exploring phrases that start with “AT” is an efficient technique to improve your American English talents. By growing your vocabulary, you might grow to be further assured in talking your concepts and ideas. We hope that this textual content has provided you with the sources and knowledge to proceed enhancing your language talents. Maintain exploring and practising, and you might shortly be a proficient American English speaker!

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