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Comprehensive List of Words Ending in SS

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary in American English? Look no further than this comprehensive list of words ending in ‘ss’. Not only will it serve as a useful resource for those looking to improve their language skills, but it also includes common nouns, adjectives, verbs, plural nouns, and compound words.

This list provides a valuable opportunity to diversify your language skills and improve your communication abilities. Whether you are a student, writer, or simply looking to improve your everyday speech, this guide has you covered.

So without further ado, explore this list of American English words ending in ‘ss’ and enhance your vocabulary today!

Common Nouns Ending in SS

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary with some common nouns ending in ‘ss’? Look no further as we have compiled a list of some words you may hear and use in American English.

  • Glass
  • Class
  • Grass
  • Bass
  • Mess
  • Pass
  • Compass
  • Cross
  • Address
  • Ass
  • Business

These words can be used in various contexts such as talking about a material, an educational course, a musical instrument, a situation that is untidy, moving a ball from one player to another, or giving someone directions.

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list but rather a starting point for expanding your vocabulary with common nouns ending in ‘ss’.

Adjectives Ending in SS

Expanding your vocabulary with adjectives that end in ‘ss’ can help you communicate with more precision and flair. Here are some examples of adjectives you can use to describe people, places, things, and ideas:

  • Clueless: meaning someone who is ignorant or unaware of something.
  • Sass: meaning someone who is cheeky or sassy.
  • Classy: meaning someone who is stylish, elegant, and sophisticated.
  • Crass: meaning someone who is tasteless, vulgar, and lacking in refinement.
  • Endless: meaning something that has no end or limit.
  • Hopeless: meaning someone who has no hope or chance for success.
  • Lifeless: meaning something that is devoid of life or energy.
  • Matchless: meaning something that is unparalleled or unbeatable.
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Using these adjectives can add color, depth, and nuance to your language. If you’re not sure how to use them in a sentence, try looking up some examples online or in a dictionary. You can also practice incorporating them into your writing or speaking to see how they sound and feel. With a little practice, you can become more confident and proficient in using adjectives that end in ‘ss’.

Verbs Ending in SS

Verbs are crucial components of any language, and American English is no exception. This section highlights some of the most common verbs that end with ‘ss’, providing you with an excellent opportunity to broaden your vocabulary.


This verb can be used in various contexts, but it is commonly used to indicate the failure to hit or see something. For example, “I miss my mom so much” or “I miss the train every day.”


Kissing is an intimate act, and the verb “kiss” is used to describe this action. For instance, “They kissed each other passionately” or “I don’t like to kiss strangers.”


This verb means to move past something, or to give something to someone else. It may be used in phrases like “I passed the exam” or “Please pass me the salt.”


The verb “cross” can be used in various ways, including to indicate the act of moving from one place to another. For example, “She crossed the street without looking both ways” or “I crossed off all of the items on my to-do list.”

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This verb is used to indicate the act of putting on clothes, especially for a special occasion. For instance, “I dressed up for the party” or “She dressed her daughter in a cute outfit.”


The verb “discuss” means to talk about something in detail, especially to exchange ideas or information. For example, “We need to discuss this matter further” or “Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this decision.”

These are just a few of the many verbs in American English that end with ‘ss’. Incorporating these words into your speech and writing can help to enhance your language skills and make your communication more effective.

Plural Nouns Ending in SS

If you’re looking for plural nouns that end with ‘ss’, this section has got you covered. Here are some examples of common plural nouns in American English:

  • Glasses
  • Classes
  • Bosses
  • Passes
  • Compasses

These words refer to a variety of objects, groups, and actions. For instance, “glasses” can refer to eyeglasses or drinking vessels, while “classes” can refer to courses or groups of students.

It’s worth noting that some singular nouns ending in ‘-s’ form their plural by adding ‘-es’ instead of ‘-ss’, such as “dresses” and “kisses”. However, the words in this list specifically end in ‘-ss’ in their plural form.

Compound Words Ending in SS

Compound words are two or more words that come together to form a new word. This section will provide a list of compound words in American English that end with the letters ‘ss’.

1. Clueless

A person who is clueless is someone who is unaware or uninformed about something.

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2. Selfless

Selfless refers to a person who is more concerned about the needs of others than their own.

3. Mindless

When someone is mindless, they are not thinking or paying attention to what they are doing or saying.

4. Endless

If something is endless, it means it has no limit or it seems to go on forever.

5. Tireless

When someone is tireless, they are energetic and can work or do something for a long time without getting tired.

  • 6. Careless
  • 7. Wireless
  • 8. Flawless
  • 9. Classless
  • 10. Timeless

These are just a few examples of compound words ending in ‘ss’. By adding these words to your vocabulary, you can communicate more effectively and diversify your language skills.


Expanding your vocabulary is a worthwhile endeavor, and this comprehensive list of words ending in ‘ss’ is a great resource to help you achieve that goal. With various categories, including common nouns, adjectives, verbs, plural nouns, and compound words, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you’re trying to improve your writing, impress your friends, or simply enjoy the process of learning new words, this guide has something for everyone. From ‘glass’ and ‘classy’ to ‘kiss’ and ‘glasses’, the words in this list are sure to add some variety and depth to your language skills.

So take some time to explore this list and see how many new words you can incorporate into your daily life. With a little effort and practice, you’ll soon be speaking and writing with greater confidence and precision.